Crescent League

The Eightning

Where three adventurers blow cash and improve caliber

When last we saw our heroes they had recently claimed the treasures of Borthraxis and returned to the Court of Coral. The court was prepping for a Recital / Ceremony to make their case for assaulting the Count of Icicles (without an unfortunate civil war ensuing).

Before they could sally forth to battle again, our intrepid heroes decided to divvy up their loot and determine feats for their new level: EIGHT!

MacGreggor decided to increase his Wisdom and Strength by +1. He also retrained his Versatile Expertise to abandon Mace and train in Flail. His new Battle Cleric Armaments Feat helps with his new Light Shield and Flail +2.

Grub decided to increase his Charisma and Dexterity by +1. He also trained in the Light Blade Expertise Feat. This should come in handy with his new Gauntlets of Blood and +1 Distance Dagger!

Rølvaag decided to retrain Power Attack to Axe Expertise. That will help with his new Executioner Axe Proficiency Feat! A bit of + 2 axe swapping and a + 1 to Strength and Dexterity are nicely topped with a +1 Distance Handaxe for those pesky long range battles.

After that, the crew divided Borthraxis’ health potions (MacGreggor and Grub snagged them). All three heroes bought 5 more heal potions each, and MacGreggor and Grub acquired Potions of Clarity.

All that is left is for MacGreggor to brush up on his new Raise Dead Ritual and for the party to confront Reacto. Then the slashing can continue!

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