Crescent League

And Exit Borthraxis, Stage Left

Sometimes, you need to attack more than five squares away …

When last we saw our heroes they were locked in battle with the foul and evil Borthraxis. After a few brutal strikes the party remembered why they were here in the first place – to spread out under the trees and not get smacked by area attacks. Unfortunately Borthraxis responded by flying up out of the reach of even Grub’s weapons and thus a terrible game of chicken began. The party had to lure the dragon down into reach and … well not die in the process. Poliphonous got knocked out and lay out in the clearing bleeding out as Borthraxis taunted the intrepid plant–killers. Although many healing potions were consumed and everyone in the fight was bloodied the party did prevail and looted the necklace Borthraxis wore – a gold chain worth 1,000 gp with a large sapphire worth 500 gp mounted.

The fight over, the talk turned to Rølvaag’s provident appearance. After some cross-examination Poliphonous admitted something surprising: he works for Riacto who had sent Poliphonous on this quest with the intention of getting MacGreggor and Grub out to test some obscure detail of the Sea Prophecy. Poliphonous further suspects that Riacto knew more about Borthraxis than he let on, since he gave Poliphonous a way to contact Riacto and seemed ready to send Rølvaag out into combat.

With a somewhat–damaged sample of the Century Plant the party debated returning to the Court of Coral, but the discussion of possible treasure in Borthraxis’s presumably-empty lair proves a stronger lure. What will they find there?

Chat Log


So will it be Rølvaag, MacGreggor, Sovenon, and Poliphonous tonight?

And Exit Borthraxis, Stage Left

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